Independence Day for Novocastrians!!!

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Shane is a driven ICT management professional with over 20 years’ experience leading employees and contractors for projects and preventative maintenance on large, mission critical and complex ICT systems. He has extensive experience designing and installing networks in harsh environments and prides himself on improving ICT speed, reliably and cost.

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Independent Novocastrians avoid Telstra Price hikes !

Let’s celebrate in style and liberate ourselves from Telstra’s price hikes! Trust me, this plan is better than cracker night, and who doesn’t love firecrackers?

Telstra’s profits skyrocketed by over 26% to nearly a Billion dollars and complaints about their services are also rocketing. 

I accidently spat my coffee when reading the announcement this week…

Telstra will be significantly increasing their prices on the 4th of July.

I had literally just emailed our customers advising that for the 7th year straight, We would be absorbing the increases and would instead continue to automate systems and processes to reduce costs.

Our phones and emails have been on fire this week, Novocastrians are rightfully upset about the Telstra price hike.

So, here’s our plan to celebrate our independence from Telstra on Independence Day. Send my team a copy of the summary page of your phone bill, and we’ll work our magic to improve your services and reduce your costs. There’s absolutely no obligation, and at the very least, we’ll provide you with some fantastic pointers to save on your existing account.

Believe me, we’ve done quite a few of these already this week, and the results are mind-blowing! In some cases, we’ve managed to cut phone bills by a whopping 50%, all while providing faster, more stable, locally managed services. It’s a win-win!

So let’s make this Independence Day truly memorable by declaring our freedom from Telstra’s price hikes.

Join us in this celebration

Let us show you how to improve your services while keeping your costs in check. Remember, it’s all about independence and quality service for all!

Independence Day for Novocastrians!!! » novocastrians


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