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Wrong Calling Number Display or Name

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Shane is a driven ICT management professional with over 20 years’ experience leading employees and contractors for projects and preventative maintenance on large, mission critical and complex ICT systems. He has extensive experience designing and installing networks in harsh environments and prides himself on improving ICT speed, reliably and cost.

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Is your number showing incorrectly? showing someone elses name? or worse showing as suspected scam? 

Not so smart contacts, Simple 1, 2, 3 fix.

“When I ring someone, their smartphone shows a not so smart contact with someone else’s name or suspected scam” – Perplexed Customer 2023.

Are you facing this issue ? Does your name appear incorrectly or is being labeled as suspected spam when calling someone? This is a common problem reported by many customers. Here’s is our simple 1,2,3 fix to explain why it happens and how to resolve it.

1. Problem:

When you make a call, the recipient’s smartphone displays a name instead of your number, and it’s either incorrect or worse…

2. Cause:

Some smartphones utilise apps to look up numbers and display corresponding names. We’ve all encountered the infamous “suspected spam” name. While this feature can be helpful, it can also be frustrating and potentially harm your business if the information is incorrect.

Hiya is a third-party app used by certain smartphones to provide this information. 

3. Resolution:

Click on this link – – and submit a request to have your information changed. If you require assistance in fixing this issue, please click here to email us at

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your calling number and name are displayed correctly, avoiding any confusion or negative impact on your business.



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