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Have a granny flat and need internet? Network ICT can help

There are 4 options for this

Shared internet with main house

If your flat shares power and water with the main house, you can also share the internet.

This will save the cost of a second internet connection and we can have the wifi separate so they cannot access each other if needed.

There are 2 ways to do this, the cost will depend on the hardware required and the time to install.

Cost is generally between $330 and $2200.

1. Wifi – If the Granny flat is close to the house this can be as easy as a wifi extender. If its further away we may need a point to point link Please give us a call to discuss the options.

2. Cable – If the Granny flat is on a standard or double block we can install a pipe and underground comms cable between the house and granny flat, we can then add the house wifi to the flat or add a separate wifi.

Separate internet

If you are renting out the flat you will likely have a separate address, separate utilities and will need separate internet.

This will require an NBN development application

There will need to be an NBN pipe installed from the street to the property. A new development application with NBN will need to be submitted.

NBN charge $660inc for the new development application and then $300 when the first service is connected.

Here’s a link to the application process.

Any owner or contractor can complete the forms and process online.

We can manage this for you from start to finish as a project for $660inc + NBN fees.

We will help you put together the SD and POC and submit to NBN then manage the install process for you.

  • SD= Services diagram
  • POC= Proof of occupancy (utility or sale doc)

If digging is required, We can quote this over the phone with a few pictures and the address.


Starlink is a great alternative to the NBN, it’s a little more expensive, but costs lest to set up and is often faster.

We can assist you with installing and setting up the star link if needed.

To find out more about starlink check out their website.

Mobile internet

We can provide you with a mobile internet plan and modem to suit your needs.

These start at $330inc and $60inc per month.