Smart Wifi

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Is your Wi-Fi constantly dropping?

Is your Wi-Fi strength different in each room?

This inconsistency is usually caused by old cabling, large houses, out of date equipment all contribute to slow speeds, poor signal and frequent dropouts. This can cause interruptions when streaming, online gaming and general web-browsing leading to frustration for the whole family.

Network ICT technicians provide expert services and professional networking equipment and installation, that maximises Wi-Fi coverage and speed across any household.

Prices start at just $550 (includes GST)!! 

Stronger Signal

Our hardware solutions create strong Wi-Fi coverage across houses of all shapes and sizes. Everybody will have access to fast internet and full bars.

Smarter Wifi

Our network is designed to detect weak signals & interference, switching frequencies for each user.

Specially Made for You

Our Techs tailor a solution that suits your needs and the design of your household… because no one likes poorly planned infrastructure.

Upgrade Your Home Network Today

Stop putting up with weak Wi-Fi and poor performance!

Your local Rutherford Network ICT Technicians will guide you through the hardware selection process.